Reviews for February 03, 2004

And the Winner is...

Almost half of those who guessed in this year's "Guess How Many Films Steve@theMovies Saw in Theatres in 2003" Contest, picked a number in the 380s. I have no idea why that range was so popular or why the most popular range was so far below my 2002 total of 405, but all of you who guessed in the 380s were way the hell off. In fact, those of you that guessed in the 390s were way off too. This year, we not only have a clear winner, but this person hit the number right on the head. (I should add here that my wife also picked the number exactly right, and although I'm sure I didn't tell her the final number, I'm fairly certain I gave her updates over the months as to my progress.)

Anyway, the exact number was the personal best of 430, and the winner is my Butt-Numb-a-Thon partner in crime Simeon Peebler. Since Simeon lives in Chicago, at some point I'll drag him to a preview of his choice (I already have a few in mind). Congratulations Simeon!

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Reviews for January 11, 2004

Guess How Many Film Steve@theMovies Saw in Theatres in 2004?

Alrighty then. It's time to start counting, folks. It's time for the 3rd annual "Guess How Many Film Steve@theMovies Saw in Theatres in 2004" Contest. Here are the tallies for the last few years: 1998--375; 1999--369; 2000--390 films; 2001--375; 2002--405. As you can see, the number jump all over the place. Only one clue: although I didn't get married or go on a honeymoon in 2003 (like in 2002), I did spend a fairly sizeable portion of many weekend in the second half of 2003 looking at homes to purchase. This factor absolutely kept me away from certain films I would have liked to have seen.

Start sending your guesses in and I'll announce the winner in about two weeks. If the winner lives in Chicago, I'll give you a free movie pass to some upcoming film. If you live elsewhere, tough cookies. You get squat on a cracker and the knowledge that you guessed the right number. Yay for you. On to the reviews...

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